The Littlehampton Info Business Directory and Events Calendar are in Hibernation

The Littlehampton Info Project was launched in 2019 offering a free service to local businesses, organisations and event organisers by promoting their products and services to the local and wider public to encourage more people to visit our town.

The Littlehampton Info Project was designed to be the go-to information platform for local products and services and included an online directory, with detailed information about all the businesses and organisations in Littlehampton and the surrounding villages, a comprehensive and regularly updated events calendar and regular newsletters to the general public that enabled businesses, clubs and event organisers to interact with their customers and potential customers.

The Littlehampton Info Project was privately funded and managed by a retired local businessman but sadly, despite being free to use and with the directory and events calendar being fully populated and enthusiastically received by the general public, the local businesses did not use it, preferring instead to promote themselves individually.

When the only local organisation representing Littlehampton businesses became a closed shop, involving just a handful of members, before folding completely in January 2023 it was obvious that the majority of business in the town saw no value in working together to promote the town for mutual benefit. Consequently the sponsors of The Littlehampton Info Project decided to step back and hibernate the online directory, events calendar and newsletters.

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