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Supporting Local Businesses
When writing the December Newsletter we were looking forward to our shops opening again and we encouraged you to shop local. One month on and it has all changed as we now find ourselves in a Tier 4 lockdown!

As a consequence, most of the articles in this newsletter, our first for 2021, will be dominated by Covid 19. However, the message is still the same, we must continue to support our local shops and businesses as much as we can.

We have a page on the Littlehampton Info website that, for your reference, lists the businesses that managed to continue providing some sort of service during previous lockdowns, SEE HERE.
We shall update this list as and when we learn of any changes, so please let us know if you spot any errors or omissions.

If you need something specific do check out the listings on our website and give a business a call to see if they can help you. Just head to https://littlehampton.info and use the search boxes to find businesses of interest using:
1) random keyword(s)
2) by selecting the appropriate category
3) by selecting an area using the location search box
or a combination of these.

You may be surprised at the variety and range of products and services available locally.
West Sussex was put into the Tier 4 lockdown status on the 19th December to help reduce the risk of us catching and spreading the coronavirus.
You can read what this means in terms of what we should and should not be doing at the government website here – https://www.gov.uk/guidance/tier-4-stay-at-home
Support if you Need It
Need support during Tier 4? Littlehampton Town Council has published a list of organisations that can offer support, ranging from advice on financial matters to mental health wellbeing. Visit their website for up to date news: www.littlehampton-tc.gov.uk 
or click on the images below:
Keeping in Touch
During this time of lockdown, it is important that we stay in touch with family and friends, especially those who live on their own.

There are many opportunities these days to be able to see and talk to people using video calling apps on your ‘phone or laptop so if you know of someone who may not be familiar with this technology, but would benefit from it, do try to help them.

Video calling is also ideal if you are working from home and provides a good solution for keeping in touch with work colleagues and customers.

Some of the free options include:
Messenger: Video or voice chat with an individual or a group very easily.
WhatsApp: Video or voice chat with an individual or a group of up to eight people.
Facetime: Video or voice chat with an individual or a group for Apple devices. However, there is a Chrome Extension that will enable you to Facetime from your laptop or PC.
Zoom: Video or voice chat with an individual or a large group.
Google Duo: Video or voice chat with an individual or a group of up to 32 people.
Google Meet: Video meetings for up to 100 people.
Skype: Video or voice chat with an individual or a group across all devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and PC’s, and will work from just a web browser.
Viber: Video or voice chat with an individual or a group across all devices.
WeChat: Available for all kinds of platforms offering group chat, voice, photo, video and text messages. 
As we are being asked to stay at home as much as possible we are taking this opportunity to remind you that you can now leave small electrical items beside your waste bin to be collected with your regular waste, and save a trip to the recycling centre!
GaGredening Jobs
For those of you lucky enough to have a garden our friends at The Garden Superstore have an advice and inspiration page on their website with suggestions for some jobs to do in the garden during January. Click the button for more details: 
Littlehampton Town Mayor
The Mayor’s Vlog
The Town Mayor has been visiting some of our local businesses and you can see his videos here:
The Mayor
The Mayor’s Charities
The Town Mayor has chosen the following local charities for his fundraising during the year 2020 – 2021 
Community Groups and
Non-Profit Organisations
Did you know that if you run a Community Group of Non-Profit Organisation, that offers services to Littlehampton Residents, you can have a community pitch for free at the weekly market held on Fridays from 9 am to 3 pm in Littlehampton High Street?

Bookings have now opened for 2021 so get prepared and book your pitch for the new year. Click the link below to see a list of available dates and to complete the booking form: https://www.littlehampton-tc.gov.uk/market_stall
The Littlehampton Info project enables residents, and visitors to our town to know about, and to connect with, our local businesses and organisations and we are pleased to highlight some of the businesses that have recently been added to the Littlehampton Info website. Click on the images for more details, and why not check them out when you can.
Unfortunately events have been cancelled due to the restrictions of Tier 4. We have therefore cleared our events calendar for January 2021 but we shall be updating the calendar as and when this changes.

If you have any events, online or otherwise, that you would like us to help you to promote just drop us a line to events@littlehampton.info
or enter the details yourself at https://littlehampton.info/events/community/add 
To help your business further, take advantage of the FREE PROMOTION, available from the Littlehampton Info Project, through our website, social media posts, and newsletters.

NEW FOR 2021!

Ask for a portfolio page, to complement your listing on Littlehampton Info, where we can list a selection of your products online. 

A great opportunity to boost your business, especially if you do not have your own website, and it is FREE! 
Covid-19 QR Code Poster
We have received comments that businesses are not displaying their QR code prominently. This is an important part of the fight to limit the spread of the virus as it lets people know if they have been near someone who has since had a positive covid 19 test, and how long they should isolate.

If your business or venue is in one of the sectors or categories that should provide a customer log, then you must now display an NHS QR code poster at your venue. You can see if this applies to your business HERE

Click on the button below to create your personalised QR poster:
Create Poster
Using the Littlehampton Info Website

Littlehampton Info is a ‘not for profit’ project created by local people for local people.  The directory is free to use and covers Littlehampton Town and the surrounding villages from Felpham to the west, Durrington to the east and Eastergate, Walberton, Warningcamp, Patching and Findon to the north.
Littlehampton Info is designed to bring together everything about Littlehampton in one place and does not compete with any other online presence, but actually connects to it to the benefit of businesses, service providers, residents and visitors. 

Use the Quick Search facility on the home page to find a local business who can provide just the product or service you are looking for. The search boxes allow you to enter the type of business and/or the location and/or random keywords to refine your search. If you know of a business that is not listed on the website yet just let us know by sending an email to info@littlehampton.info or by completing the form HERE

You can also find out what is going on in our area by using the
Events Calendar
Look at the Services page for details of Local Authorities, Chambers of Trade and Information Points, etc.
See details of Littlehampton and the surrounding villages on the Places pages
and look for ideas for Days Out
Please share this newsletter with your family and friends and encourage them to register HERE to receive their copy first hand. The more people who use the Littlehampton Info website the better it will become.

The Littlehampton Info website is at- https://littlehampton.info/
Our Facebook Page is – https://www.facebook.com/littlehampton.information/
and we are on Twitter at – https://twitter.com/Lhamptoninfo
You can contact the team at info@littlehampton.info or by ‘phone on 07833 475115.

You can now join the Littlehampton Info Facebook Group and follow the posts of other members, and post and comment yourself either as a business or a customer.
Go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/littlehampton.information and join us!
The team at Littlehampton Info wish you a

Happy and Healthy 2021

and thank you for your continued support
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