Free Cakes for Kids Littlehampton is part of the national organisation called ‘Free Cakes For Kids UK’.
Our local group ‘Free Cakes for Kids Littlehampton’ runs in conjunction with their ‘Shared Values’ which are:

1. We bake cakes for families in need. A single birthday cake may not end poverty or hunger, but it will make a huge difference to the birthday child and their families. We believe in a caring community built on trust, compassion, and support.
2. We do our best to keep things safe. Safety is our no.One priority. Every cake we bake has to be safe to transport, store and eat. The safety of our kitchens is as important as our own. For instance, we only hand over cakes in a safe and public places.
3. We bake for love and not for money. We never charge for our cakes or monetise our volunteering otherwise. That is, we really bake for families and not for “rewards”, donations or media coverage. We know that cake ingredients can cost a bit, so we try to be creative with our cake creations. Even a simple cake with the child’s name iced on top can mean a lot in a little person’s life.
4. We care for our volunteers. People are at the heart of everything we do. So, we take good care of everyone we work with. This includes other volunteers, but also contacts in partner organisations. People donate time, ingredients and money to our cause. So being close and listening to each other’s concerns is absolutely crucial.
5. We understand our communities and local needs. There is no single recipe that works in every kitchen. Some volunteers bake on their own, some work together and form a local group. Some groups stay small, some groups become a major force in their community. Whatever you do, it’s up to you and will reflect your personal preferences and skills, but also the specific circumstance in your local community.
6. We help each other help ourselves. Baking with and for others can be a complex task. But rather than reinventing the wheel, we help each other where we can, sharing ideas, best practice, and experience. Specifically, we’re not afraid to ask each other for advice, as obvious as our challenges might seem. Chances are that someone else has faced a similar problem before and can help you sort it out.

Our group is made up entirely of Volunteers. We are not a charity and neither is the national organisation. We do not take any monies but would gratefully receive any donations of baking ingredients. There are no staff per-se and all of our (unpaid) Volunteers bake from their own home kitchens.

Volunteers will bake a Birthday Cake- made to a rough specification that the child would choose. Volunteers bake using their own ingredients. Occasionally we may be donated ingredients that would be shared between the volunteers and once the cake is made it’s then given 100% free. The cakes are either delivered to the child’s school office for their collection or in a pre-arranged public place. Deliveries never take place at the family or volunteer’s home.

We shall be supporting families who are in need in some way. This could be:- financial difficulty, living in temporary accommodation, where the child is a carer for their parent, the parent may have a terminal illness/receiving treatment or possibly a bereavement. The families are chosen by the schools/organisation- not myself or the volunteers. All information about the family is private. We only ask for any dietary restrictions. They may also choose to have the child’s name/age on the cake but this is not a requirement.

The privacy of the volunteers contact information is held by myself. Any volunteer may choose to bake as little or as often as they would like. As we are a referral based organisation personal information e.g: address/telephone numbers etc. are private to the public and the families.

We have a Facebook page, and an Instagram page too, and our email address is:

We shall be available to make and deliver a cake every day except:
December 24, 25, 26, 31, January 1,
and for the year 2020: Good Friday, Easter Sunday & Easter Monday.
Any cakes required for these dates would have to be delivered in advance.

At its core, ‘Free Cakes for Kids Littlehampton’ voluntary group would like to give as many children as possible the chance to celebrate their Birthday with a Birthday Cake. Whilst lots of families struggle to provide the basic of necessities a Birthday Cake could often be overlooked.

‘Free Cakes for Kids Littlehamptons’ personal feeling is that ‘Every Child Deserves a Birthday Cake’ and all of our cakes are given 100% FREE with ‘kindness and sprinkles’.