Healdance Littlehampton

Dance away your pain.

Healdance is a dancercise class designed for adults with ailments, but everyone else is also welcome. It contains low-impact dance parts mixed with chair exercises, stretching and mindfulness. Healdance was born out of a long experience of working with people who suffer from all kinds of injuries and other health issues. Healdance is adapted for people of all ages and all medical conditions. We never jump, squat or lay down and we take a rest on chairs whenever we want.

In Healdance, we are taking care of your injuries. Everything that we do during the class is designed to improve your physical and mental condition. One session of Healdance lasts 60 min and it has 4 different parts: DANCE 1, EXERCISES, DANCE 2 and RELAX. The groups are limited, so everyone can get special attention.

Category: Health Care, Well Being, Dance, Training