Littlehampton Dog Owners

A Facebook Group for Littlehampton dog owners. The aim of the group is to provide help, support, friendship and share knowledge about all sorts such as walks, diet, health, training, and general fun focused on our combined love of our furry pals. Once current restrictions are lifted and we are allowed – walking and meet up events will be organised.

The group welcomes members who own local businesses such as walkers, trainers, groomers, pet shops etc but with the emphasis always being on discussion, support and friendship rather than advertising. Our current members have already asked for advice about enclosed fields for exercise, groomer recommendations, ideas for walks, support for reactive dogs, etc. Members are encouraged to introduce themselves and their dog/s and engage in the group as much as they would like.

I personally have several years of dog ownership experience including knowledge and experience in dog welfare, nutrition, enrichment and behaviour/training and really wanted to be able to bring our local dog owners together, to share our combined experiences, advice and fun.

Anyone interested in joining the group (security is priority, so it’s a closed group meaning only approved members can view the group contents), can find the group
I look forward to welcoming you and your dog/s very soon! Clare Palmer.

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