Pier Road Coffee & Art

Pier Road Coffee & Art – Arrangements during covid-19 lockdown …

Pier Road Coffee &  Art, although closed, is posting out cards and gifts to friends and family for birthday’s and other celebrations. Art work is also being delivered using safe distancing rules and gloves to local customers.

There is also each week an offer of bringing Pier Road Coffee & Art to your doorstep. This as been very popular so far, Coffee, Art Card and handmade local cakes (Tideways Sweet Treats) or Locally Handmade Chocolate (Charlenes Chocolate Factory) and other offers will be available.

You can look at our Facebook page and contact us about purchasing via there or email. #justacard purchase can help!


Located on Pier Road in Littlehampton is an Art Gallery with Coffee Shop. Local and other UK based artists exhibit their work for a month at a time, meaning every month new artists and new work is on offer. 90% of the items on display are by local artists, with a wide diverse range.

Category: Art

Opening Hours


10:00 to 15:00


10:00 to 18:00


09:30 to 18:00


09:30 to 18:00


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09:30 to 17:00


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